Videoprojekt 9a

Among the Hidden Movie Trailer project


Everything had begun with the idea of Mr. Kist to record a fictitious movie trailer. It was May and we were in the process of reading the book “Among the Hidden” from Margaret Peterson Haddix in our English lessons. We started into the book by watching a movie trailer to the novel that was filmed by an American school class and this triggered the idea of doing an own version.


We, the class 9a decided to do this and so we started to plan the project. We needed a complete new storybook and storyboard with all the important information to understand the context of the book. The trailer should not reveal too much and it should be not too long.  Then we needed a location, food for the shooting day, a camera crew, actors and so on.


So we divided the class into groups where everyone could bring in his talents at its best.

The filming was done on our own in the English classroom and at a farm in Titisee, our neighboring village.


Everything went surprisingly well on the shooting day and we could film everything that was needed. Then it was just a matter of time till the hole scenes were edited and cut together with the awesome music from Zack Hemsey. We hope we get his permission soon to make the movie available online. At this point it should be mentioned that we definitely don't want to make money with this movie or the ideas and work of other creators.


It was a very funny school project and I could imagine doing something similar in the future again.


We hope you liked this idea and the movie itself as much as we do.


Yannick Hauser (Director)