English poems


Poem no.1


Love is like the sun, warm and bright,

Love is like a fire in the middle of the night,

Love is like a little guiding light.


Always be careful, to whom you give your heart,

Because they can easily tear it apart.


They can give you the love you crave,

Sometimes it is depending on your behave,

Sometimes their love takes you to your own grave,

So make sure that you are always safe.


Loving is not always easy,

Sometimes it makes you queasy,

But often love is very cheesy.


Now the moral of the story,

Love can be the brightest glory,

But it could end anytime without a sorry.


Written by Lena Huggle 2021

Poem no.2


Dear heart sorry for all the pain,

But remember the sun won't shine without rain,

My last lover hit me like a train,

Now I'm drowning my sorrows in champagne.


I wish I could explain, 

'Cause it's really driving me insane,

The way you left me was inhumane,

But I will never complain.


Even though it's clear in my brain,

I can't get away from your chain,

But one day I will fly away like a paper plane.


Written by Lena Huggle 2021